Who we are

Libra Partners is a Management Consulting Boutique dedicated to support companies that face strategic and organisational challenges. Our goal is not only to assist our clients accomplish successful change and results, but also to embed their working teams with specific knowledge, tools, modern working methodology, energy and motivation to enable improvements endure over time.

Currently we serve a select and diverse group of clients who trust our experience, working means and style to complement the analysis, dialogue and decision making processes in their businesses.

How we work

We help our clients to successfully reach their strategic objectives. We fulfil it through a rigorous and coherent process, open dialogue, structured planning and decisive action.

  • Understanding

    Transparency and depth in the analysis and understanding of the challenges and opportunities.

  • Alignment

    Common language, alignment and commitment within the senior management team.

  • Planning

    Clear direction and focus on specific goals, turned into coherent action plans.

  • Mobilisation

    Energy, motivation and action capability of working teams, supported by effective implementation and follow-up models.




“A company is what it does... Not what it says it does”

Our focus is on action, through the joint development of concrete action plans with specific initiatives, aligned working teams and resources to meet a diverse set of strategic challenges: Growth, Efficiency and Productivity



“There is a material gap between strategy and result… it is called execution”

We work with our clients to provide the organisation with the tools and required capabilities for implementing their actions plans successfully: PMO, management control systems, working systems and performance management, among other.



“Organisation… is everything”

We help our clients to organise themselves in consistency with the challenges they face and to channel their energy and organisational performance across various undertakings: Organisational restructuring, governing systems, HR policies and processes, and change management, among other.



Libra Partners is headed by Ximena Jimenez, seasoned strategic consultant with more than 15 years in the consulting business.

She has accumulated a profound knowledge in (i.) strategic definition processes, (ii.) operational/commercial effectiveness and (iii.) organisational turnarounds, the three pillars of our value proposition.

In Libra Partners, and previously in McKinsey & Company, Ximena has supported clients in numerous projects and industries, including strategic planning, commercial re-definition and effectiveness, pricing strategy, and organisational restructuring in industries such as retail, banking, telecommunications, transport, and mining, among other.

Ximena has a Degree in Business Administration from Universidad Adolfo Ibanez and an MBA from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, England.


Our track record is based on more than 15 years of service to clients in different development stages and with diverse challenges.

100% of our project have been focused on resolving strategic matters.

We have served Boards and senior management of corporate clients as well as small companies and start-ups.

We have helped clients in the country’s main economic activities, including retail, banking, mining, transport, industry, healthcare, among others.

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